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  • Shared savings strategies
  • Transparency tools
  • Consumer driven plans
  • Utilization behaviors
  • Wellness Incentives
  • High cost pharmacy advocacy services


Better Benefits:

Does it feel like year after year health plan copays and deductibles are increasing?

Employee benefits are supposed to attract and retain top talent. Many employers are struggling just to maintain a level of benefits that employees aren’t complaining about. What if employees could talk to a physician for free, anytime of the day?  Ventris clients have benefit options that reward employees by giving them the option to get paid for making smart healthcare choices. Employee who are engaged and making smart decisions have access to lower out of pocket maximums, copays, and deductibles.  We include wellness resources that conveys the values of your company, make employees happy and increase productivity.



Are double digit increases every year sustainable for any business?

Most employers are experiencing double digit increases in premiums year after year with no accountability of how the extra money is being spent. Ventris clients have the ability to see how each dollar is being spent. If you paid too much premium, we can show you how to get that money back.



Where is all that money going?

Let us show you how your premium dollars are being used. This not only gives you perspective but it puts you in control of the future of your benefits. After all, this is your money being spent on your employees. You should be able to know how it’s being used. You’ll have the information you need to make better decisions for the benefits you provide.

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